Lavrentiya community in winterThis area stretches along the shore and waters of the Bering Sea, from the mouth of Kukul’ River to the mouth of the Rybnaya River, Gulf of Lavrentiya. These places are very picturesque. Beautiful capes, gulfs, mystical landscapes leave one mesmerized in admiration.

Inspector Ivan Vukvun monitors this area.

Lavrentiya community, situated here, is the center of the Chukotsky District. The community population is around 1300 inhabitants. This shares its name with the Gulf, named by James Cook in 1778 to mark the St. Lawrence Day of the church calendar. There are various administrative offices, education center, regional museum, hospital, and some local food production.

inspector Ivan VukvunThe marine wildlife includes gray whale, spotted seal, bearded seal. Land animals include mountain hare, lemming, wolf, actic fox, brown bear, wolverine, fox, ermine. The following birds can be seen year-round: king eider, harlequin duck, herring gull, glaucous gull, long tail jaeger, red-necked grebe, Bewick’s swan, bean goose, snow goose, northern pintail, rough-legged hawk, sandhill crain, great knot, gray-tailed tattler, common ringed plover, northern wheatear, white wagtail, Lapland longspur, red knot, oldsquaw.

The famous archeological monument Yandogai, dating to the 1st millennium A.D. is situated 20 km south from Lavrentiya. The old Chukchi settlement was closed during the Soviet period. Its people were relocated to the community of Lorino.