History of the Bering Land Bridge

Yugagayt - Cape Chukchi“Stretching over the eastern part of the Chukchi Peninsula, Beringia lies at the major crossroads for many marine and terrestrial organisms, which play a critical role in global ecosystem processes and evolution of life on Earth”.
(from N.M. Zabelina “The Development of the National Park in Russia”).

In contrast to Atlantida, the existence of ancient Beringia is a known fact. In the course of a million years in the life of our planet, Asia and America have been repeatedly connected with the Bering Land Bridge. This peculiar territory which is partly hidden by the sea got the name Beringia. 18 thousand years ago the land bridge was more than 1000 km wide. Climate warming, glacier melting, and the rising of ocean levels last began 14 thousand years ago. With these processes, the middle of the bridge faded away having left some islands in the Bering Strait and in the Bering Sea. Its exclusive geographical situation turned the Bering Strait into crossroad of migratory of marine and land animals from different parts of Earth. The Bering Strait area is also one of the main origins of cold-resistant flora and fauna species.

Ancient settlement MasikAncient hunters were drawn to this place because of its prime location for procuring whales, walrus, seals, birds, and fish. Ancient people crossed the Bering Strait and the Bering Land Bridge over the course of a thousand years.

Many consider the Bering Strait to be the very road people used to go from Asia to North America. Ancient people inhabiting this land left us numerous archeological monuments, such as dwellings and places of spirit worship constructed of whale bone.