Lorino communityThis area occupies the coast and waters of Mechigmen Gulf. From Cape Nygchigan to the mouth of the Loren River at Lake Mony.

State inspector Leonid Danilov carries out monitoring in this area.

This area of the park is home to the community of Lorino. Its Yupik Eskimo name is Nukak, Chukchi – L’uran. Now Lorino is a modern community which is situated at the site of the former Eskimo settlement Nukak. The village population is around 1300. Lorino’s cooperative “Keper” is one of the largest enterprises in Chukotka specializing in the hunting of marine mammals. The village houses local, administration, school, child day care. Lorino is famous for its local band «Lorinskie Zori». The village regularly hosts regional culture festivals and regatta, which brings together parcticipats from villages in Chukotkskii and Providenskii districts.

Inspector Leonid DanilovAmong the sea mammals observed by our inspector are gray whales, walrus, and different kinds of seals.

Area’s land animals include Brown Bear, Lemming, Mountain Hare, Fox, Arctic Fox. The birds that can be seen here are Sandhill Crane, Spectacled Eider, Common Eider, Northern pintail, brant, great white-fronted goose, herring gull, glaucous gull, snow goose, snow bunting, willow ptarmigan, raven.

Lorino Street, MayPeople fish for pond smelt, arctic char, arctic cod, saffron cod.

Lorino hot springs is a nature monument. There is a greenhouse on site, as well as sleeping rooms for visitors, and a hot spring pool. People from Lorino and Lavrentiaya come here year-round.