A base near Achchen lakeAchechen stretches between Preobrazheniay Bay to Cape Shpanberg.

Inspector Nikolai Kychi carries our wildlife monitoring in this area.

An ancient settlement by the same name formerly situated on this land disappeared in 19 century. Lake Achchen surroundings is home of the coastal Chukchi people. It is also a site of numerous bird rookeries and ringed seal breeding grounds.

Inspector Nikolai KychiThe sea mammals found in the area are gray whales, sea lions, harbor porpoises, white whales, minke whales, bowhead whales, walrus, spotted seal, ringed seal, and bearded seal.

The land animals are wolf, snow sheep, arctic fox, fox, wolverine, lemming, and mountain hare.

Among the birds species are northern fulmar, common eider, black legged kittiwake, herring gull, glaucous gull, pelagic cormorant, golden eagle etc.

The nature monument – Lake Achchen – is a place where sockeye salmon come to spawn.