Reindeer (Latin – Rangifer tarandus) – refers to a family of deer ruminant suborder, the only member of the genus Reindeer (Rangifer), cloven-hoofed mammal of the family of deer. Living in northern Eurasia and North America. Not only eats grass and lichens, but also small mammals and birds. In Eurasia and domesticated reindeer is an important source of food and livelihood for many polar nations.

Body length of males to 220 cm, height at withers 140 cm, weigh up to 220 kg; females are smaller. Winter pelage is thick and long, with a strongly developed undercoat summer – shorter and more rare. Colouring summer monochrome brownish – or grayish-brown in the winter – a lighter, sometimes almost white. Horn developed in males and females; males are more.

Deer Mating takes place in September – October. The gestation period an average of 225 days. In May – June 1 fawn females give birth, less than 2; feed them milk 4-5 months. Puberty on the 2nd year of life. Shortly after rutting males shed their antlers. New horns develop from April to August. Females shed their antlers after calving; development of new horns ends in September.