Sivush or sea lion (Latin Eumetopias jubatus) – the largest representative of the family of eared seals. Habitat: Sea of ​​Okhotsk, Kamchatka, Sakhalin, the Commander Islands, the Aleutian Islands, Alaska and the coast of North America are also their habitats.

Male body length by an average of 1 m longer than the female’s body. Size of males 320 – 330 cm, weight 700 – 800 kg, females – about 230 cm with weight up to 320 kg.

Coloring animals varies depending on gender and age, and determined by the color guard hairs, which consists mainly of the scalp. Mild scalp newborn cubs on the upper trunk is dark brown on the bottom – a dark chestnut color. Pelage immature sea lions light brown, with increasing age of the animals he brightens. Loin adult males and females has buckskin color, belly – dark umbrovuyu. Summer pelage is lighter than the winter, when in color bulls (adult males) are dominated by brown (almost black), and chocolate tones. In the summer months (before molting) coloring of the upper body of sea lions straw-yellow.

Steller sea lions for typical latency period of embryonic development (delay in fetal development), which in Steller sea lion is 2.5 – 3 months. Thus, the actual period of embryonic development of the fetus is 9 – 10 months. Typically, the female gives birth to one big baby (twins are rare), the length of the body which is almost half the length of the mother’s body (100 – 120 cm) and weight – 17 – 20 kg. The number of the total population of Steller sea lions is about 250 thousand.