After “Earth” is only “Frozen Planet”

The BBC Natural History Unit crew landed at the Provideniya international airport yesterday. Danial Rees, Ted Giffrods, Adam Scott and Niobe Thompson plan to film for the most famous natural history serial “Planet Earth”. The new project is called “Frozen Planet”. A lot of materials from the Russiam Arctic will be shot. To make the filming more picturesque the shooting will be done from the helicopter with the super camera Cineflex, which was created in Holywood.
Ted Giffords is thr cameraman of the most outstanding BBC film “Earth”, which presentation was in Europe last year. People in the US could watch this film on the 22nd of April on the World Earth Day. Danial Rees said that 80 000 000 of American people saw this film.
– How many people have seen this film in Russia? – asked Dan

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