“Beringia” park’s contribution to Russia’s victory

It has been the second year since the time our park has been participating in the International Bird Watching Days. We did give our voice for nature environment protection and biodiversity. We took part in the international competition. Its goal was to detect the country where people participated more, and where they met and counted the bigger quantity of species. 31 contries participated in this competition. Russia took the first position according to the number of participants and viewed species.

There was a so-called “white spot” on the ornithological map of Russia till 2009. Chukotka made itself known due to senior park inspector Igor Zagrebin, director assistant Anatoly Kosyak and all inspectors who worked on their areas during the International days of bird watching

Some birds, living on the park territory are in the Red Data List of the Russian Far East and Chukotka.

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