Abnormal quantity of polar bears in Providensky district

People observe the abnormal quantity of polar bears during this January compared with the previous year. Inspectors watch them from Provideniya Bay till Cape Chaplin.
People from local communities constantly inform our inspectors when they meet the one or just see his footprints. Some of the species walk alone, some do with families. Beringia park inspectors observe many footprints while riding on their sites.
We have 18 official messages about meeting bears for now. At the same time there is no any message in Lavrentiya area, Chukotsky district. Some lonely species were observed in Enurmino and Neshkan in December 2010.
All inspectors write down the descriptions of the polar bear meetings into their observation diaries. We should mention that there is no any case of animal aggressiveness or its appearance near villages.



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