The great event in Providensky district

The conference “The guarantee of the constitutional rights of indigenous people in Providensky district” became a great and very important event in the cultural and social life in Provideniya. There weren’t only reports about some successes, but lots of problems were discussed, too.
All the people and local administration are worry about the hard drinking as the fundamental problem. Its scale is so huge that it is said about extinction of indigenous people. The other problem is that there is a lack of working specialists. The students, who was paid by Chukotka government, don’t want to go back home. Local youth don’t want to be a reindeer herder or sea mammal hunter, too. There is no “local” youth in medicine, culture and education. Partially, this problem is resolved by the people who come to Chukotka from other national regions of Russia. This situation becomes the paradox when our Chukchi and Eskimo people die out and there is high rate of joblessness among indigenous people in Chukotka.
The conference participants reported about the extinction of Eskimo language. Nobody from children and students speak it. During the conference it was also mentioned that different souvenirs from fur are not good enough from esthetic point of view: low quality of sewing and absence of material.
All mentioned above problems had their explanations. Some good ways to go out from these situations were suggested.

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