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28 августа 2011
On August 25th the Government of Chukotka autonomous region relieved Natalia Kalyuzhina of park director position.
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19 июн€ 2011
On July 11th the sea mammal hunters harvested the first gray whale
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27 ма€ 2011
Russian Union for birds preservation chose white wagtail as the "symbol of the year."
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26 ма€ 2011
All inspectors from Enurmino area to Achchen area observed polar bears
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25 ма€ 2011
The ice left Emma Bay a little bit earlier than usually. We would like to remind that Emma Bay is a part of Provideniya Bay.
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13 марта 2011
The big amount of precipitation in February caused some problems for animals
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10 феврал€ 2011
First reports about Polar bear showing had come at the beginning of February
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18 €нвар€ 2011
Beringia park inspectors observe many footprints while riding on their sites.
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15 €нвар€ 2011
We open our news page 2011 with the message about the symbol of year Ц hair.
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30 декабр€ 2010
Let the New Year bring you happiness, prosperity and good health!
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